Make friends through common interest,
respect and better understanding

Built by the Neurodiverse, for the Neurodiverse.

A supportive, safe and structured platform for auties and other neurodiverse individuals to connect authentically and engage in a meaningful way.

Finding Friends is Hard

For Neurodiverse Individuals, it can be difficult to find friends who are intuitively understanding and embrace differences.

Neurodiverse individuals have unique personalities, different approaches to communication, strong and specific interests, and varying levels of needs, which are overlooked in existing friendship and dating platforms. Because of this, finding ND Friends can be challenging given the lack of context and structure provided by traditional matching sites.

ND Friends will COMPLETELY remove the "warm up" and "small talk" social scripts which can cause us a great deal of anxiety.

Finding Friends

ND Friends Get ND Friends

100% of respondents agreed their friendships with their neurodiverse friends are different than friendships with neurotypical friends

  • My ND Friends understand me, they're honest and they accommodate my needs without question.
  • We can focus on talking about what REALLY makes us happy, and laugh and giggle versus what we are 'supposed to be' talking about.
  • I don't feel different when i'm talking to my ND friends, and I feel like I belong.
  • So many things are special about ND friendships, but mostly it is just a comfortable feeling because there is no 'required' method of communication.
  • My neurodiverse friendships have much more depth. I have also found that these friendships last longer and there is less judgement.
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